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Los Angeles City Hall is now fenced off, policed by hundreds of officers and officially unoccupied.

OccupyLA has served it’s heroic purpose. It is no secret now what needs to be done today in regards to financial independence and progress. We all watched in a mere two months ‘What is exactly happening?’. Our current economic model/infrastructure when people in America unite has been INSENSITIVE at best.

Homeless moved in and home owners moved out. Now OccupyLA is under siege but the movement can not be detained.

So the question stands when? and where? will we celebrate the truth and leave past frustrations in the past?

1700 E 40th st

Vernon, Ca 90058

We will be meeting @PERSHING SQUARE



3 pm

Items: Collectively organize a street team of 30 Urban Farmers! #OccupySouthCentralFarm

So turn off the TV and make a celebration. Come down and organize collectively.


With that being said about accountability to work for eachother we overall just want to wish you in America and around the globe WARMTH, SAFETY, and the HAPPIEST OF HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOURS!

under LOVE,


LATimes 11/28/2011

Thank you all who came out last night. It was a very special night we spoke with KpfK and other media reporters covering the truth about our responsibility and Government. The evening was beautiful and the response towards the occupation of South Central Farm was instinctive and immediate! We only plan to make growth happen through raising up our neglected Youth through  the American way.

.Stay tuned.


THE WORD OF THE DAY :    “Shanti Sena!” (Shahn-tee See-Na)

“Shanti Sena” is a term first coined by Gandhi when he conceptualized a nonviolent volunteer peacekeeping program dedicated to minimizing communal violence within the Indian populace. The words “Shanti” and “Sena” both come from Sanskrit. Shanti means peace and Sena means army, or a drilled band of men. The word “Sena” has been criticized for its connection to militarism, but for Gandhi, it had strong metaphorical and spiritual qualities connected to its use in the Hindu vedas.

The Shanti Sena or “Peace army” was made up of Gandhi‘s followers in India. Its non-violent methods have been adopted by other movements such as the World Peace Brigade, Nonviolent Peaceforce, Swaraj Peeth and the Rainbow Family of Living Light


We all know 100% is not a number between 1%-99%

We are urging our community leaders, local organizations, political leaders and families to support OccupySCF (South Central Farm) immediately. We wish to hold candle light vigils in solidarity with OccupyLA so we may start occupying the land as soon as possible 99ers need water.

We must encourage everyone not just our 99ers of OccupyLA to sit at the most logical location today Los Angeles’ Urban Garden.

The South Central Farm is the largest urban garden in the United States of America. It is responsible for the development and creation of thousands of Urban Gardens throughout the nation. Urban Farms will slow down the frantic fickle mindsets into a more balanced way of life that has been proven to work. Right now there are a couple of small family owned taco stand/fruit carts patiently waiting for the hungry concerned citizens that wish to occupy the Garden.

Join us in making an honest collective that the Youth of Los Angeles can both own AND believe in.

We will be holding a candlelight vigil

here are directions to the Farm from OccupyLA Los Angeles’ City Hall !