5. Largest Farm in any city throughout the entire United States of America

4. Los Angeles is the homeless capital of the world with children going hungry.

3. To prevent future riots such as this Farm was created in response to the 92′ riots .

2. To inspire more clean air, water, and food within communities


We are taking a list of committed occupiers to Reoccupy the South Central Farm.





Meet Manuel and the rest of the humble Original South Central Farmers that have yet to give up or back down. 

 April 15th

111th st. and Avalon.

Email Newsletter: Southcentralfest@gmail.comImage

This Easter April 15th we will be meeting at the Stanford Avalon Gardens where the ORIGINAL SOUTH CENTRAL FARMERS are TODAY! You are welcome to join us for what will be a monumental step towards reopening the Farm. Email: Southcentralfest@gmail.com for time and directions.

OnebodyLA has to once again give special mention and thanks to all the brave Men and Women of South Central, Vernon, South Gate, Watts, and all of the beautiful families on the Red, Gold, Green and my favorite the Blue Line! These are the hardest working people in the greatest country we refer to as America. So for now just know OnebodyLA thanks you for never forgetting your heritage and always believing in community.

As you might have already heard the Tezozomocs South Central Farmers announced back in Nov.27

www.southcentralfarmers.com/index.php?option=com_frontpage…Cached – Similar

Nov 27, 2011 – In standing in support of the South Central Farmers, Occupy Los Angeles stands with our occupation of the South Central Farm five years ago

Today and most recently we gave a big shout out to Irma Gamboa of the original South Central Farmers. As an official Occupier from the OccupyLA faction I am proud to be in solidarity with a truly transparent organization that is not affiliated with the highly publicized documentary known as ‘The Garden’.

LA WEEKLY: Covers the South Central Farm and digs deep to expose the obvious source of corruption Tezozomoc and Rufina Juarez who assumed ownership of a community owned collective.

Finally, 100% unrelated story of perserverance and hope; Stephen Colbert had a personal account of Hope he captured a non violent protest of a dude on a dirt bike popping a wheelie in the Lincoln Tunnel. On his way to work he took the time to record while driving, like a real American. It’s only fundamentally righteous to Share it with you.Thank you Stephen!


There is only love.

Love for Treyvon

Love for Steven Rodriguez

Love for OccupyLA Provocateurs

Love for Dad & Ma

Love for my younger brothers MIA.

Love for my God and God for my Love.

Love for my old gentrificated suburbs

Another cell phone was stolen from me. There is no such thing as accessibility in this country for Mexicans and African Americans, yet.

So it’s 2012 and you want to be homeless? If America is to be considered a melting pot Los Angeles would be the boiling water. Reason being that a lot of people end up coming here for the wrong reasons…

Instead of coming to L.A. to help contribute their 1st and favorite childhood memories into the equation of love. Many just move here to forget where they came from ergo, forget who they are themselves.

Americas current socio-economic pace is fast asleep at the wheel.

Before you run off and start letting people breath on you all the meth they snort, and ruin your sense of time and space for immediate future plans, let us first give you the preemptive resources that the local organizations here given myself and all the younger young bucks as a Welcome Pamphlet/Brochure.

Downtown Mental Health:

529 Maple St. Los Angeles, Ca. 90013 (213) 430-6700 : they  provide limited resources like bus passes, GR/Food stamp, Healthcare, support if you admit you are a disabled sub-human that belongs on the streets.


M T Th F 8-5 W 9-5 3615 S. Hope st. Los Angeles 9007 (800) 777-0133 : These people will give you ID to verify you have money so you can verify that you are, who you say you are for an honor of a job that depletes you and your resources more than it is capable of compensating.

Social Security Office: 1-800-772-1213 6th floor #650 611 w 6th st. Los Angeles, Ca 90017 : here you will be given a number like that one movie what was it called? OH YEA! Schindlers List. Where that one guy, got too much power, and abused it over his own people and the people he was prejudice to… started with an ‘H’,…  THAT’S RIGHT! Adolf Hitler was his name.

 To my loving followers and future followers,

  This collective is being constantly updated and designed but the core values and goals remain the same. Show positive and concrete to young adults aging out to address racial, green collar, political, be made up of young adults helping one another real time.

The advantage is a much less jaded perception and instant access to a traveling celebration who tours around the world as Onebody.



READING:ARE WE BORN RACIST? it is as amazing as it is an easy one!

 Not many blogs catch my attention on the WordPress homepage but  Doctor Quacks blog on 10 things Nobody warned me about my twenties caught my third eye.

LA CAN: Community Action Network

Now that I have 2 full hours @ the public Los Angeles Library to blog another brief but  update on my current situation, new friends, and Americas modern family. My direction with this philanthropic Frankenstein of an idea is angled at Young adults throughout America facing homelessness for whatever the reason may be LA’ 

On a lighter final note.

I’ll be sharing recipes, how to teach yourself and others guitar along with dog training tips and tricks. If you have anything to add that you can’t stop yourself from adding please do!


OccupyLA Update:

OccupyLA Warehouse REPORT BACK: 

We are close to moving into a warehouse and occupying the farm! but a small group of individuals are acting independently from the movement, in Occupy terms they are refered to  provocateurs. Specifically Ruth FowlerEsteban GilCallie Little are assuming control over the Resources & Funds of the $20,000 donated to ALL OF OCCUPYLA  Stay tuned!





This is the first time that I have decided that I will never stop using marijuana for the simple reason of medicinalThis is the first time that I have decided that I will never stop using marijuana for the simple reason of medicinal properties. Today marks 100 days of homelessness in and around the South Central Farm. This project has enlightened me to see what I believe is true patriotism and community. Meeting with the hardest working people in America on their terms and not mine, brought me to a peace within and beyond all understanding.

I met and continue to meet a lot of amazing genuine people and  just as many exceptionally hurt people . Brave American Men and Women who either forgot or were never taught to care about themselves as more than an independent individual. The fun conversations amazing acts of kindness only strengthen what I already knew to be true. Life is beautiful with or without you so receive your entitlements; you will always be worthy of belonging to the world.




You are hereby ordered for induction into the last Urban Farm of the United States, executing while solidifying Global Communication 

You are asked to confirm registeration by emailing SouthCentralFest@gmail.com and present yourself for a Peaceful SouthCentralFest induction,  by reporting 5.1.2012 Time TBA

If you are employed you should definitely notify your employer of this order and that this is merely an examination to ensure American land stays open.  

OccupyLA Proposal to ReOccupy SouthCentralFarm


 ~                            A   Worldwide   LIVE   streaming   FREE   Event                       ~


Enjoy a very special  FREE  Word, Art & Music Festival set on the South Central Farm

Amplifying both social empowerment & global inspiration in L.A.’s 


  R           A            L             L              Y                                                F        O        R                J          U          S          T        I      C       E


Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere

– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

5          .         1          .         2           0          1          2

Heard at General Assembly on March 16th, 2012, tabled


Reoccupy the South Central Farm
(3/16/2012) Right now with animals
May 1st 2012 Midnight 12am
1700 E 41st st
Los Angeles. 90058
Porter Potties
Campaign Canvassing
Bus tokens (via Resources Committee)
Free Internet (Freedom Tower)
Solar Charging Station dock
Non-profit Pet Adoption

Featuring a variety of surprise notable guests. 

please email SouthCentralFarms@gmail.com to be Officially Registered and prepared to be advised when you will be reporting to 1700 E 41st st. Los Angeles, Ca 90058


American history is as recent as the South Central Farm.


Day 93:

I love the fact that Occupy was created out of our national defense terminology. Occupy means war for power. To this country Power means federal I.O U.’s but my parents raised me believing that true power comes from Love. OccupyLA seems to have been raised with the same moral compass.

Where you believe love comes from is a whole different topic. After close to 100 days of living in South Central throughout  all of my experience here; a compliment that helped encourage me onward was on my good energy. Any power and energy that I may have acquired or maintain came from being inspired by you which is why I copied this mock World War II draft notice and ammended it accordingly to fit our current socio economic circumstances.

Love sideways



* * Want to learn how you can get involved with OCCUPYLA and the global Movement

we meet @ Pershing Square every M W F @ 7:30pm and 4pm on Sat.

 http://occupyla.org/  or  http://losangelesga.net/  


Resources & Funds: OLAresources@gmail.com

Facilitation Committee/G.A. Agenda Meetings:  OLAfacilitation@gmail.com




Dates to remember:

This Saturday March 3rd, 2012 marks the 21st Anniversary of the Rodney King beating/riots.

In November 1989, King robbed a store in Monterey Park, California using an iron bar to threaten and hit the store owner. He was convicted and sentenced to two years imprisonment.
Now, recently on Jan 23rd 2012 @ Carls Jr. in Monterey Park an officer shot and killed a young Hispanic Male 22 years old from Chino Hills. Ca (my hometown) RIP Steven Rodriguez.
This is the real original footage that our “Local News Stations ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX are too scared to show. **NSFW

March 7th 2012 Steven Rodriguez 22-year old from Chino Hills Ca was shot down by Monterey Park Police Officers 10 times point blank range. WARNING* NSFW

We say now

How say you? We meet @ 7:30 pm for OccupyLA’s General Assembly Pershing Square Monday, Wednesday, Fridays

Whoever may be lacking love for the future must step down.


The recent loss has inspired OccupyLA to rewrite a proposal designated at facilitating our communal progress.

There was a lot of plight and confusion last night as to what is next in the OccupyLA faction after the tremendous loss of our fallen brother Alex yesterday what is certain is that we move onward.

Alex was one of the first people I met at occupy and though not many of us ever had the honor of getting to know him well, we however were all able to admire and observe how organized and positive he remained throughout what later became revealed  the toughest time of this young exciting artist’s life.

{R I P A l e x }

In honor of our first fallen hero and brother Alex Weinschenker

Thank you for everything Alex, we miss you so much already.
The Kindness Proposal
  “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy  
 What specifically does your proposal do?  
Welcome accessibility openly to a wider community audience and open an OccupyLA hub/home.
 How specifically will your propsal do this? Through all of the following but not limited to

  • Lessons and Education
Offer  ‘Green Collar’ curriculum that can be utilized by both OLA and Communities. Teach young and old alike restorative trades collective Aquaponics, Farming, Dog Training, Music Lessons, Art Classes, Web Design, Prefab (Mini House) Architecture, Cooking, Solar technology, Foreign oil engine conversions: Electric & Bio fuel
  • Community Outreach:
Campaigning to raise awareness, Fundraising/canvassing donations for sponsorship, free meals, free interenet wifi, free computer resource center,
  • Job Training/ Job placement (SSI advocacy)

:   Basic training and community development to expand all offered services strategically throughout LA to other local areas.

  •  Drug and alcohol Counseling
: AB541 & Prop 36. certified. Harm reduction counseling and resources
  •  Hosting Art shows/ Events
: Speakers, Music, Art, Food, Theatre can now be hosted at a central location or at least the organization from one centralized facility.  
Why should we have a concensus?
This will promote an encouraged sense of professionalism and dignity throughout the community not by what we say we stand for, but by our celebrations that stand for what we say.
 Because we are always striving to remain conscious of the growing need to care for our hurting Brothers and Sisters no matter how broke we are. This proposal will help sever current and future obstacles that threaten OccupyLAs transparency with isolation.
 To further grant, facilitate, and equip our Brothers & Sisters accessibility to basic entitlements to resources such as Water, Food, Shelter, Internet, Information, isn’t only our natural given rights but it is our fundamental responsibility as the 99%.
 Through immediately renting our own center as a headquarters to purchase back all the damages on a publicly documented scale.
The world is watching occupyLA and we are Occupying OccupyLA to perpetuate the expansion and dignity of OccupyLA as a faction as well an overall movement.
 Once we establish a place to organize and educate we can then further explore community owned organized businesses and enterprises by facilitating restoration from the ground up.
Onelove. Onward.