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Los Angeles City Hall is now fenced off, policed by hundreds of officers and officially unoccupied.

OccupyLA has served it’s heroic purpose. It is no secret now what needs to be done today in regards to financial independence and progress. We all watched in a mere two months ‘What is exactly happening?’. Our current economic model/infrastructure when people in America unite has been INSENSITIVE at best.

Homeless moved in and home owners moved out. Now OccupyLA is under siege but the movement can not be detained.

So the question stands when? and where? will we celebrate the truth and leave past frustrations in the past?

1700 E 40th st

Vernon, Ca 90058

We will be meeting @PERSHING SQUARE



3 pm

Items: Collectively organize a street team of 30 Urban Farmers! #OccupySouthCentralFarm

So turn off the TV and make a celebration. Come down and organize collectively.


With that being said about accountability to work for eachother we overall just want to wish you in America and around the globe WARMTH, SAFETY, and the HAPPIEST OF HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOURS!

under LOVE,



Q: Where to now?

A: The Largest Urban Farm in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA which  is scheduled to be sold to Corporate, pollution emitting factories.

The former South Central Farm.

1700 E 40th street

Vernon, Ca. 90058

We are only as strong as our youth in this great country which is the reason for OccupyLA and everyother economic protest.

The South Central Farm is up for sale to whoever can utilize this the most for our country.

These are the facts. Solidarity = Youth.

To avoid violence this is a necessary step.

Welcome to the OnebodyLA Network and campaign to dethrone LA as the US homeless capital through transitional urban farm housing.

  •                               What is it that makes transitional urban farming more effective?

         A community dedicated to Farming/ gardening will provide hands on experience in leadership, architecture, education, and community development.


  •                                  Who is stopping this from becoming a reality?

In short, we are new and haven’t met anyone that has actually said no! We need to raise awareness ASAP! The potential buyers of the land are Impact clothing, Active, Miss Me, Poetry


Onebody is a campaign dedicated to restoring  entitlement of accessibility and hope for LA’s neglected youth. We do this by implementing a living community of mini houses in an Urban Farm setting ( i.e. Urban farm, ranch, agricultural campus)  all while providing hands on experience in community development, education, job training, exercise,  arts, and employment!

We are gaining a lot of momentum thanks to you and all of the love for LA. This is not a game and we tackle the root problem our countries economic state with a sense of urgency. We appreciate you and your simple signatures to  our greatest priority neglected children. We are obligated to thank you for taking responsibility.

OnebodyLA is a Co operative Campaign that directly addresses the US homeless capital pandemic. Our living community is designed to come fully equipped with  agriculture through community development.  We offer real and practical job opportunities through hands on experience.

OnebodyLA is dedicated to community accountability through democratic ownership and operation.
Please  take the time to Sign our petition for improving Los Angeles’ environment through mini houses and farming!


Billy, Lily, and OnebodyLA

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Donate via Paypal: all donations are 100% tax deductible and updated daily after 8pm (PST)