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The recent loss has inspired OccupyLA to rewrite a proposal designated at facilitating our communal progress.

There was a lot of plight and confusion last night as to what is next in the OccupyLA faction after the tremendous loss of our fallen brother Alex yesterday what is certain is that we move onward.

Alex was one of the first people I met at occupy and though not many of us ever had the honor of getting to know him well, we however were all able to admire and observe how organized and positive he remained throughout what later became revealed  the toughest time of this young exciting artist’s life.

{R I P A l e x }

In honor of our first fallen hero and brother Alex Weinschenker

Thank you for everything Alex, we miss you so much already.
The Kindness Proposal
  “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy  
 What specifically does your proposal do?  
Welcome accessibility openly to a wider community audience and open an OccupyLA hub/home.
 How specifically will your propsal do this? Through all of the following but not limited to

  • Lessons and Education
Offer  ‘Green Collar’ curriculum that can be utilized by both OLA and Communities. Teach young and old alike restorative trades collective Aquaponics, Farming, Dog Training, Music Lessons, Art Classes, Web Design, Prefab (Mini House) Architecture, Cooking, Solar technology, Foreign oil engine conversions: Electric & Bio fuel
  • Community Outreach:
Campaigning to raise awareness, Fundraising/canvassing donations for sponsorship, free meals, free interenet wifi, free computer resource center,
  • Job Training/ Job placement (SSI advocacy)

:   Basic training and community development to expand all offered services strategically throughout LA to other local areas.

  •  Drug and alcohol Counseling
: AB541 & Prop 36. certified. Harm reduction counseling and resources
  •  Hosting Art shows/ Events
: Speakers, Music, Art, Food, Theatre can now be hosted at a central location or at least the organization from one centralized facility.  
Why should we have a concensus?
This will promote an encouraged sense of professionalism and dignity throughout the community not by what we say we stand for, but by our celebrations that stand for what we say.
 Because we are always striving to remain conscious of the growing need to care for our hurting Brothers and Sisters no matter how broke we are. This proposal will help sever current and future obstacles that threaten OccupyLAs transparency with isolation.
 To further grant, facilitate, and equip our Brothers & Sisters accessibility to basic entitlements to resources such as Water, Food, Shelter, Internet, Information, isn’t only our natural given rights but it is our fundamental responsibility as the 99%.
 Through immediately renting our own center as a headquarters to purchase back all the damages on a publicly documented scale.
The world is watching occupyLA and we are Occupying OccupyLA to perpetuate the expansion and dignity of OccupyLA as a faction as well an overall movement.
 Once we establish a place to organize and educate we can then further explore community owned organized businesses and enterprises by facilitating restoration from the ground up.
Onelove. Onward.

Before Occupy Wall Street and


City Hall there is Occupy Iran. Occupying America means more to me than the rich sleeping side by side with the poor and neglected.

Occupy America means FREEDOM.

Freedom to knowledge and accessibility

Sunday we are meeting here @ 1700 e 41st St.
Los Angeles 90058.

For a free breakfast from 11am-1pm we will discuss organizing our calendar of events and
FREE lessons that we can open up to the public/community. That’s 1/22/2012 @ 11-1pm this Sunday afternoon.
Afterwards, there is a FREE screening of “a better life” Presented by KPFK named LAWEEKLYs top 25 movies of 2011. There will be also a Q&A with director Chris Weitz. Those that want to carpool or catch the nearby train can easily from the ample parking located @ the farm

We have the distinguished opportunity and honor to speak with MIT Professor and notable linguistic scholar Noam Chomsky.

If you have any thoughts or concerns you care to express email me:

On yet another lighter note and update we gained more revolutionary support from TEACUPHOMES.COM who wish to make our restorative mini house concept a viable reality.

Finally, this past sunday Jan. 15 2012 marked not only Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday but also the 25th anniversary of Public Enemy and their formation. Good vibes and solidarity was exchanged all day. And we received the notable support of Chuck D and Kurupt of the Dogg Pound. Further uniting the youth in solidarity to fight off the corporate power.


With the bus lines shut down Mayor Villaraigosa deterred hundreds more from


“It’s the mayor we are very upset with for trying to usurp the powers that are not his and trying to override the very reasonable position of the city council,” Lafferty said.
Read more:

“So for the past 2 NIGHTS! They shut down the bus lines but not OccupyLA. Between giving 1 million dollars of Skid Rows to the Farmers Stadium/NFL and cheating on his wife with a news anchor. Can we treat him worse than we did Bill Clinton? Please?” -FB