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Childhood/family memories, Racism, greed, interest, and overall depression all lead up to and initiated my actions to NEVER GIVE UP on what has been already proven to be true!

I am becoming more and more confident after speaking with rolling stone after rolling stone that we will be alright. This frankenstein idea is onebigmofoLA.

Had the pleasure of meeting 2 guys tedessa and chris who introduced me to the jeff richards center to which we gained support from one of the lead directors Rob.

God bless onebody. Onelove.


Q: Where to now?

A: The Largest Urban Farm in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA which  is scheduled to be sold to Corporate, pollution emitting factories.

The former South Central Farm.

1700 E 40th street

Vernon, Ca. 90058

We are only as strong as our youth in this great country which is the reason for OccupyLA and everyother economic protest.

The South Central Farm is up for sale to whoever can utilize this the most for our country.

These are the facts. Solidarity = Youth.

To avoid violence this is a necessary step.