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Before Occupy Wall Street and


City Hall there is Occupy Iran. Occupying America means more to me than the rich sleeping side by side with the poor and neglected.

Occupy America means FREEDOM.

Freedom to knowledge and accessibility

Sunday we are meeting here @ 1700 e 41st St.
Los Angeles 90058.

For a free breakfast from 11am-1pm we will discuss organizing our calendar of events and
FREE lessons that we can open up to the public/community. That’s 1/22/2012 @ 11-1pm this Sunday afternoon.
Afterwards, there is a FREE screening of “a better life” Presented by KPFK named LAWEEKLYs top 25 movies of 2011. There will be also a Q&A with director Chris Weitz. Those that want to carpool or catch the nearby train can easily from the ample parking located @ the farm

We have the distinguished opportunity and honor to speak with MIT Professor and notable linguistic scholar Noam Chomsky.

If you have any thoughts or concerns you care to express email me:

On yet another lighter note and update we gained more revolutionary support from TEACUPHOMES.COM who wish to make our restorative mini house concept a viable reality.

Finally, this past sunday Jan. 15 2012 marked not only Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday but also the 25th anniversary of Public Enemy and their formation. Good vibes and solidarity was exchanged all day. And we received the notable support of Chuck D and Kurupt of the Dogg Pound. Further uniting the youth in solidarity to fight off the corporate power.


Happy Holidays.

Well I made it home safe. Been officially woken up and welcomed by the well receiving and bravely noble LAPD Officers of South Central.

Last night it was 36 degrees but I am reminded in articles and media that we are called to do our part as much as we are each called to vote.


Tacos are awesome and right here! 3 for $2.50 every night

Theres a blue pitbull thats really sweet

Serene and therapeutic green pastures to gaze at while creating.


Its cold at night so dress warm.

We need artists and students with warm vehicles, tents, and sleeping bags who want to stake a claim in the land for Los Angeles’ at risk youth to own and develop. Be warm and loving to eachother because there is much love for you!