This Easter April 15th we will be meeting at the Stanford Avalon Gardens where the ORIGINAL SOUTH CENTRAL FARMERS are TODAY! You are welcome to join us for what will be a monumental step towards reopening the Farm. Email: for time and directions.

OnebodyLA has to once again give special mention and thanks to all the brave Men and Women of South Central, Vernon, South Gate, Watts, and all of the beautiful families on the Red, Gold, Green and my favorite the Blue Line! These are the hardest working people in the greatest country we refer to as America. So for now just know OnebodyLA thanks you for never forgetting your heritage and always believing in community.

As you might have already heard the Tezozomocs South Central Farmers announced back in Nov.27

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Nov 27, 2011 – In standing in support of the South Central Farmers, Occupy Los Angeles stands with our occupation of the South Central Farm five years ago

Today and most recently we gave a big shout out to Irma Gamboa of the original South Central Farmers. As an official Occupier from the OccupyLA faction I am proud to be in solidarity with a truly transparent organization that is not affiliated with the highly publicized documentary known as ‘The Garden’.

LA WEEKLY: Covers the South Central Farm and digs deep to expose the obvious source of corruption Tezozomoc and Rufina Juarez who assumed ownership of a community owned collective.

Finally, 100% unrelated story of perserverance and hope; Stephen Colbert had a personal account of Hope he captured a non violent protest of a dude on a dirt bike popping a wheelie in the Lincoln Tunnel. On his way to work he took the time to record while driving, like a real American. It’s only fundamentally righteous to Share it with you.Thank you Stephen!