So it’s 2012 and you want to be homeless? If America is to be considered a melting pot Los Angeles would be the boiling water. Reason being that a lot of people end up coming here for the wrong reasons…

Instead of coming to L.A. to help contribute their 1st and favorite childhood memories into the equation of love. Many just move here to forget where they came from ergo, forget who they are themselves.

Americas current socio-economic pace is fast asleep at the wheel.

Before you run off and start letting people breath on you all the meth they snort, and ruin your sense of time and space for immediate future plans, let us first give you the preemptive resources that the local organizations here given myself and all the younger young bucks as a Welcome Pamphlet/Brochure.

Downtown Mental Health:

529 Maple St. Los Angeles, Ca. 90013 (213) 430-6700 : they  provide limited resources like bus passes, GR/Food stamp, Healthcare, support if you admit you are a disabled sub-human that belongs on the streets.


M T Th F 8-5 W 9-5 3615 S. Hope st. Los Angeles 9007 (800) 777-0133 : These people will give you ID to verify you have money so you can verify that you are, who you say you are for an honor of a job that depletes you and your resources more than it is capable of compensating.

Social Security Office: 1-800-772-1213 6th floor #650 611 w 6th st. Los Angeles, Ca 90017 : here you will be given a number like that one movie what was it called? OH YEA! Schindlers List. Where that one guy, got too much power, and abused it over his own people and the people he was prejudice to… started with an ‘H’,…  THAT’S RIGHT! Adolf Hitler was his name.

 To my loving followers and future followers,

  This collective is being constantly updated and designed but the core values and goals remain the same. Show positive and concrete to young adults aging out to address racial, green collar, political, be made up of young adults helping one another real time.

The advantage is a much less jaded perception and instant access to a traveling celebration who tours around the world as Onebody.



READING:ARE WE BORN RACIST? it is as amazing as it is an easy one!

 Not many blogs catch my attention on the WordPress homepage but  Doctor Quacks blog on 10 things Nobody warned me about my twenties caught my third eye.

LA CAN: Community Action Network

Now that I have 2 full hours @ the public Los Angeles Library to blog another brief but  update on my current situation, new friends, and Americas modern family. My direction with this philanthropic Frankenstein of an idea is angled at Young adults throughout America facing homelessness for whatever the reason may be LA’ 

On a lighter final note.

I’ll be sharing recipes, how to teach yourself and others guitar along with dog training tips and tricks. If you have anything to add that you can’t stop yourself from adding please do!


OccupyLA Update:

OccupyLA Warehouse REPORT BACK: 

We are close to moving into a warehouse and occupying the farm! but a small group of individuals are acting independently from the movement, in Occupy terms they are refered to  provocateurs. Specifically Ruth FowlerEsteban GilCallie Little are assuming control over the Resources & Funds of the $20,000 donated to ALL OF OCCUPYLA  Stay tuned!