Professor Chomsky of MIT taking the words right out of our brains agin by encapsulating our movements next tactical motion to restore the American family.

@ 11:15 occupiers from North America had the distinguised honor of talking corupion and justice wih MIT’s Professor of Linguistics Noam Chomsky. This is what he had to say about our current economic state and Urban Agriculture.

Destruction of agricultural land is much like the lemmings walking off of a cliff

And so we will fuher estalish something already proven to be both positive and concrete.
This Sunday 2/5/2012 we will bring and cook food for those who are hungry or in need.
Come and help us if you can @ 1700 E 41st St. Los Angeles 90058.
We will also be decorating he garden so bring paint, chalk, signs, and mural materials to do some artistic restoration.
And on that note I will leave us with some awesome quotes Prof Chomsky came up with off the top of his noodle.
“The ideology to take care of yourself and forget everyone else is gone”
“Do something positive and concrete so the people can identify with it .”
Go greenpanthers go!