In the past two weeks we’ve seen Bill Maher and Tom Morello show up and intuitively support the OccupyLA energy and frustration that is shared across this amazing country.  Thank you 99ers and Occupiers for doing the grunt work that many of us don’t have to very similar to our brave Vets. We @ OnebodyLA and OccupySCF hope your Veterans Day was special and encourage you to maintain global perspective with us by occupying the South Central Farm.

If you have any extra tarps or ponchos people at City Hall NEED THEM NOW TO HELP THEM THROUGH THE WINTER SEASON.


MONDAY NIGHT MISSION: now serving Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday!

______________________MONDAY NIGHT MISSION_____________________________

We meet every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night to feed the homeless of skid-row. Post on this wall or text 310-926-6675 for more information on how to join us.
Company Overview
We meet every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night to feed the homeless of Skid-row. Please text 310-926-6675 for more information or email
General Information
We meet at the Burger King (700 West Cesar E Chavez Avenue, Los Angeles, CA) every Monday at 7.45pm, get organized and head to skid row around 8pm. Anyone and Everyone is welcome. Don’t worry about what you can or cannot bring! Bring yourself! That’s what matters the most!
If you need more info please email and put skid-row on the subject line or text (310)-926-6675
The sole aim of Monday Night Mission is to feed the less fortunate of Skid-Row who are turned away from Skid-Row shelters.