How can an Urban Farming Community be unfit for South Central when a full fair with rides for families is being held at the same location!?

1700 E 41st ave Vernon. Ca 90025

Help will be needed occupying the South Central Farm. Right now a fair is being held that was rented out by Mr. Ralph Horowitz, making copies of flyers and petitions to be signed when we demonstrate @ the South Central Farm.

___________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ THE RUN DOWN_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __________


— Taco Man! : From early afternoon til late evening, help a family owned restaurant with affordable delicious marinated tacos.

  • —  Fresh Fruit cart! : Again, affordable fresh fruit everyday.
  • — Mini Market: Hygiene is a necessity not even hippies should be without.



The Cold Downside:

  • Yep, Concrete floor: You may want to bring extra blankets and jackets or purchase/borrow an air mattress if you are able to just because concrete will take 70% percent of your body heat. ( Something the homeless are fully aware of each and every night all thanks to our ‘seamless system’ but I digress)


Other than that the Garden is an absolutely jaw dropping awe inspiring vacant lot of earth that has been turned with careful farming for over 14 years, the next best logical place to lay the foundation for viable HOPE and CHANGE.